Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Dragon, The Sun (Lyrics)

My story is not so different than the story of so many others. The only is, it didn't take some self-righteous crusade to kill me, nor was I martyred. I simply lay down and died. I had become lethargic in my way of thinking, and looking back, I can't really say that I was ever really alive. 
In my so called life,the things that I lived for were all turned into dust...rotted before my very eyes. My rise to stardom came crashing down when the Dragon swung his tail and knocked me from the sky.  
And the Great Dragon's flood of lies had already begun to suck the life out of me...began to dictate everything that I had believed in...everything we thought we knew. We were deceived. 
He lied to us about who we were, and who we were to become. He lied to us about where we had come from, and where we were going. He even lied to us about Himself, making us think that he was the next-best-thing to God, and we believed him. 
In one mighty stroke, most of us had fallen from our rightful place. Unaware that we were new captives in our own land. I was one of them. Disconnected from the True Vine, I was now forfeiting my rights with the rest of them. The Gates were spreading, and we were hallow. 
Its a curious thing how One becomes aware of his own death. I think it nothing short of a miracle because, once you've had your fill of Death, well, then you begin to develop an appetite for something else. And, while most things simply lead right back to dying, some things have an alternate effect.

Fall into my arms 
don't let down your guard 
just forget the world 

it lights these Embers
when I remember the Sun 
and when I was happy

Yes I cherish these scars
 but I let down my guard 
but I won't do it again 

it lights please Embers 
when I remember the Sun 
and when I was happy 
the hunger growing 
my heart does make me so blind 
when I'm with you

Don't deny me 
lay beside me 
let me feel your kiss on my lips 
(no I don't deserve to die) 

does my own heart love to hurt me 
I endore this test of Silence 
(I can't find my way)


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