Saturday, April 9, 2016

TLoX Joins the American Battle Network for 2017

Hey guys,

This is one of those things we musicians like to do in the summertime called "Battle of the Bands", except it's not at a loud bar...and I'm not a band.....and you don't see me perform first.....
Bummer right?
But hey, there is still a really cool set up to this contest. Like what? How about getting to help me get to the Big Stage on 3 major festivals, like Rock the Island in Saginaw, or Unityfest in Muskegon? I want it. You wanna go. maybe we can help each other out.  I just need your help with 3 simple tasks and I'll be able to put on the BEST show you've ever seen from me!

  1. Visit me Rawkzilla Page. CLICK THIS LINK
  2. Listen to 2 songs or more.  Actually just let this page play while you wash dishes or clean your room *wink,wink*
  3. leave a comment in the comments box at the bottom of the screen! (This one is really important)
That's it! Rinse, lather and repeat as many time as you like. I'll be sure to keep you in the loop (especially if you comment on that page) and let you know new information as it becomes available. Hope to hear good things from you, so that you can hear more good things from me.



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