Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A letter to my Fans and Subscribers

Dear Fans and Subscribers,

Over the last few years, I've gone through a lot of changes.  I've switched up the website (several times), experimented with different social media outlets, played around with new styles of music.  What I've learned over that short time is priceless, but not as priceless as you guys.  The few people who have stuck with me over the last few years are what make it worth all the work I do, and I want to start giving back to you all using my new found talents and skills.

Over the next few weeks, I will be experimenting with team members.  I have been approached by a few people who want to be a part of my live show, as well as help me with behind the scenes stuff.  It is a blessing since i really DON'T like to work alone.

I am also going to put a lot more focus on my subscribers.  I want to connect with you guys the most since you find my work to be valuable enough to support.  I will try my best to give you more exclusive time to get first dibs on new and announcements, as well as demo tracks and stuff. So here's what I want to do from now on:

  • New music and demos will ONLY be available in the Subscriber's Page.  You can access it through the Bandcamp app (iTunes or Android) and on the web. Demo's will be available to stream once you log into the Subscriber's section of Bandcamp or on the app.
  • For those of you who can't afford to support monetarily but still want to enjoy music can stream for free on once songs and albums are officially released (or in season). There's also the GIVEAWAY CD.
  • You can stream my music on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, and Spotify!  There are other streaming services that host my music, but I support Spotify the most since they accept ALL of my submissions. (SEE LINKS BELOW)
  • Every Month, I will also try to give away some kind of cool prize!  These prizes are made possible with the money that comes in through subscriptions. So in theory, the more Subscribers I have, the cooler the prizes will be.  Right not my subscriber's list is pretty small, so EVERYONE on the list got either a t-Shirt or a CD mailed to their houses this month.  
  • In the future, Prizes will be selected and distributed in random ways, and ONLY made available to those who show support by commenting on posts, sharing content, and engaging in other ways online and at shows.
And Finally I want to inform you about the various platforms I'll be using this year.  I have different behaviors on different platforms (based on the outcomes) and I want to connect with you in ways that matter most. 
  • Bandcamp - This is my music hub. Here you will be able to become a Subscriber, Purchase Merchandise, Listen to Demos and Singles (Subscribers), Access Exclusive News and Info, and of course, Download/Stream all my music.
  • Soundcloud -  Here you can Stream seasonal tracks and hear some of my most popular music.
  • Spotify - Stream my entire official Library.  Once I reach 250 followers tho, it all changes!
  • Facebook - This is my go to Social platform. Holla at me!
  • Instagram - See my latest pics from live shows (and life)
  • Tumblr - This is where i do a lot of brainstorming late at night.  you can also ask questions here. I also reblogg interesting stuffs....nothing too big.
  • Bubbly - This is my Audio Blog where I explain the meanings behind my songs, and answer questions. UPDATE - it turns out the Bubbly will only let you record up to 140 seconds and then you get cut off.  not enought time for me to host and audio blog.  I'm exploring other options.
  • Youtube - See music videos, and the occasional coffee break series.
Now that you know where to find me, let's hang out, have fun, and get ready for next month's big prize!  Bye.



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