Monday, January 18, 2016

The Return of Christ

I recently had my attention redirected to Matthew 24/Luke 21. I find it interesting that everyone who is crying that the sky is falling seems to miss Jesus words when he says not to be frightened when you hear about wars and rumors of wars. Basically, things are not as bad as we think they are. On the contrary. American Christians have it pretty freaking good right now. We don't have the government taking our doors down, and we don't have anyone hanging this in the gallows, or drowning us with our hands tied behind our backs, or burning us at the stake. And yet, these were all the fates of many Christians 1000 years ago who are being persecuted by the geopolitical "Church".

It's actually unsettlingly weird that we have it so easy, when our brothers and sisters are having their hands and feet cut off overseas right now. People are being held hostage, and having their children taken away from them simply for believing in Christ. And yet every time there's a news broadcast about an earthquake, we have someone screaming that it's the end times like this is the worst time in history. It's really not the worst time in history guys. Things have actually been a lot worse for Christians worldwide, & I think its time that we actually start looking at the facts rather than poetic sermons that don't make any sense intend to be contrary to Scripture.

The disciples asked what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the AION (age). Many bibles misinterpret the Greek word AION as WORLD instead of what it really means which is AGE. Many church teachers today agree with this and also agree that the age being referred to is the OLD COVENANT AGE. Historically the Old Covenant age ended with the destruction of the Hebrew temple by the Roman army in 70 AD. Most pulpits today preach Matthew 24:4 is asking about the end of the WORLD, however, Jesus clarifies the time period by saying THIS GENERATION (meaning the generation he was speaking to all His preaching life) would not pass away until all these things were fulfilled. Historically Mathew 24 has been fulfilled just as Jesus declared.

It's also worth noting that Jesus tells us it is not for us to know when the father is coming back (Acts 1:7). So all of this watching the skies instead of doing as our master commanded us to do is nothing but a superstitious waste of time. Even if you choose to ignore hyperbole, poetry, and quotations that are taken directly from Old Testament passages, you have to at least take into consideration that the only thing that sounds like the literal end of the world are the division titles at the beginning of the chapters. Titles that were not added by the original authors, but added much later.

We've got to stop looking at the Bible as chapters and verses (broken into small isolated texts), but as a story that is worth knowing. Compare the way the story begins with the way that you've been taught it ends. It simply doesn't make sense. That's not the love story that God started writing way back in Genesis. If you were just going to end it all then why would he allow the rest of the story to go on as it has? He has a very different plan than something that was cooked up by a Jesuit 500 years ago (and re-popularized in 1830 AKA The Futurist View...thanks Darby).

So the next time you think about the Lord's return , ask yourself something. When he returns, would you rather be found holding up some sign telling everyone that the sky is falling, or do you want to be found building the kingdom?


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