Monday, December 28, 2015

call me cocky but....

It's out of character for me to say this kind of thing. must be the hip hop in me, but I'm felling pretty good about the fact that no one else in my area can do what i do.  It also makes it hard to be in the presence of experts and great musicians, as I tend to lower myself to student level out of respect for skill.  Truth is, that is a handful of people who are mostly undiscovered in this region.

The guys who are making noise are not very good at all. seriously unimpressed with these wack weed rappers with degenerate value systems, wanna-be folk musicians who can't even sing, loose dj's who don't understand music theory, and singers who always over-do it and in the wrong key.

Does no one value education? Skill? Mastery of the craft?  I feel like even at my most rusty, underground state, I'm putting out better music than these self proclaimed bigshots in this town.

go on and tell 'em 2016, I'm coming for you!


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