Thursday, November 5, 2015

The One About Racism

I struggle with the mob mentality that comes with being made to feel like I HAVE to pick a side, and TALK ABOUT RACISM ALL THE TIME.

Its kinda like the feeling you get when Michigan vs State games are in effect, and everyone is getting into heated debates over who will win. But I'm just trying to pay my energy bill to keep the lights on. My mind is in a different place altogether, but ppl keep asking who I'm rooting for.

Being a man with a blended family AND bi-racial children, I know there are more dignified ways to live. This stuff is sooo beneath us.

It doesn't help love. It widens the gap between us and strengthen insecurity.  Its the reason white rappers rap about being white, or why black women straighten their hair. Its why we are afraid to let Emayus play too loud in my store, because we assume the old white ppl are too stuffy to enjoy it.

It is good to appreciate culture and heritage, but in a boiling pot country like USA (where all we have is each other, where NOT everyone looks the same) Please believe that racially focused ppl are destroying themselves. ESPECIALLY when you're trying to convince other people to stop being racist.

Racism is never going away. It's been around since the old kung fu movies when the north and South China were at each others throats, or when the Chinese and the Japanese were at each others throats. Different kinds of Hispanic people are at at war with each other. Different African tribes have always been at war with each other.

It has nothing to do with the skin color, it's just about being different. That's would D-bags do. they constantly try to flex the superiority of their home team.

But just to be fair: 
I'm not gonna make a big deal and tell you that racism is bad, because you should already know that.  I WILL say this. EVERYONE has a reason NOT to like another person. Racism just happens to be one of the laziest, most ignorant, and least creative of the options. It literally takes NO WORK to be a racist. So, I can see why there are so many. it's a cattle/mob mentality that needs no maintenance. At least with the sports analogy i mentioned earlier, you have a bit of research involved.  You can't spot a State fan unless he's dawning his Green and White.

So in conclusion, If this all offends you, then you're probably stupid, and don't like to think much.  This is how it feels to be discriminated based on something you CAN change. And it a lot of ways, discrimination is a good thing. So hey, stay stupid. Keep being a racist. it makes it easy to identify how much time i want to spend around you. just be willing to accept it on BOTH ends.


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