Saturday, November 21, 2015

You are a new Monster Hunter in training. When your master, The Great Van Helsing, is killed by monsters, it is up to you to stop them and bring justice to the world...Enter the Professional Monster Hunter!

Chapter 1

Original Song: Auryn
When our hero arrives on the scene you can immediately tell that something is wrong. He rushes into his master's dwelling to find his old aged mentor lying in a pool of his own blood, covered and claws and teeth marks, gasping for air. He runs up to his beloved trainer, to try to comfort him, listening to his last words, as we both prepare for the death of a master Monster Hunter.

Chapter 2

Original Song: T0N1T3

Only moments after burying his beloved master, our hero clinches his fifth as tight as he can and swears at the grave of his mentor, that the monster took his life which suffer by his own hand. As the wind howls through the trees, in the darkness of Halloween, the newly born monster hunter leaps into the darkness, jumping through the trees, from branch to branch. Each step echoing with the sounds of vengeance and justice.

Chapter 3

All seems well in the kingdom of darkness, as monsters from all around the globe gather to celebrate their latest victory. The quenching of the flame of one of the greatest Monster Hunters who has ever lived. Tonight, they will celebrate their freedom from the tyranny of the hand of Van Helsing. With the city now defenceless, they will dance the night away in preparation of the feast ahead...

Chapter 4

Original Song: Superhero

There was one unfortunate soul in particular who was caught out on the streets last night. As the monster crept through the darkness, preparing to leap onto his newly discovered victim, he suddenly realized that the young woman waiting for a taxi was not that unfortunate soul, but he himself was the one in danger.

The monster shrieked in fear and ran back to the dark castle as fast as he could, the hunter near steps behind him. He crashed through the door of the dark party, calling for help from his fellow monsters who were now already drunk on hubris and the blood of their victims from earlier tonight.

In this single moment, the room filled with regret as they all lay eyes on the new face of justice. A new young monster hunter they had never seen before stands at the threshold of the great door of the castle, with the fires of vengeance in his eyes, and his hands soaked in the blood of the guilty.

Chapter 5

Original Song: Breath Of Life

The fight begins, and the battle intensifies, as the young new hunter thwarts several dozen monsters almost effortlessly in his rage of vengeance. It would seem as if he is about to achieve what he set out to do in a single night, until before begins to rumble with the footsteps of something greater and darker.

The other monsters retreat into the shadows, and the young you Hunter locked eyes with the fiercest monster he's ever seen...the ruler of the armies, the king of darkness, the champion of grief...The Overlord.

Final Chapter

Original Song: Broken Hearts

There were wild glimpses of The Overlord, and red streaks....shadows and fangs...and the pain of hitting the floor. But then there was another person there....a shadowy figure standing between him and the monster, sword drawn...protecting him....and then blackness.

When are young hero awoke, I couldn't tell if it was the warm rays of the sun on his face, or the piercing pain in his side that felt first. for some reason, he was clean, and sleeping in his own bed. And, were it not for two things, he would have assumed that everything that happened before were just a dream:

The very real pains and slashes on his ribs, and a note on his nightstand that read, "You've got friends looking out for you. You are not alone."

The Hunter arose from his bed and prepared to head out the door, when he head a strange rustling outside his door. He thrust open the door, expecting to meet a new enemy, only to be welcomed by cheers, smiles, praises from the towns-people, who were appreciative of their new savior.

But, behind it all, far back in the distant woods, he also thought he saw shadowy figure with a red "X" painted on his coat, nod in his direction, and then disappear into the trees...


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