Friday, May 6, 2016

For the last few years, I've been working my way through the story of my life in musical form.  This next installment is going to flip the entire thing on it's head.  I am proud to introduce to you:

Ascension: The Creative Power of the Imagination

This is project is the most complex and most difficult work I have ever done.  I have struggled with the boundaries set by the Christian music Industry in terms of what makes an album "Christian" enough, as well as my ongoing defiance of the "simple genre", in an effort to push my own limits, as well as blaze a trail for others to follow.  Ascension is unlike any project you are used to hearing. There are 3 major elements to this work:
  • It will be released in parts.  
  • I will be releasing 1 Official Song a Month, followed by a, more complete "Anaglyph Version" (Physical Copy) due to release in 2017.
  • There will be much more blending of Genres
  • The ideas and philosophies within will be much deeper, and yet much closer to home than those of "Awakening".
No official release date is set for the full/physical album, but you can stream the Pre-Release songs as the appear on your favorite Streaming sites like Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal..  Please read the description below for more details.

"In many ways, themes and ideas in Ascension are not holistic, but dualistic, dealing with opposites and irony. the album is very dark, but there message of many of The songs talk about a perseverance through darkness, or regardless of darkness, towards light. 
XERO defies the common idea of "the happy Christian", by taking on the embodiment of the underbelly of the body of the Christ. 
Rather than the front man that everybody wants to see, he is honest and transparent about his pain and struggles.
Rather than claiming to be a celebrity, he takes on the mantle of the unseen hero working in the shadows. Rather than posing a cookie-cutter answer for life struggles, he provides even more questions that are worth considering. 
He speaks of standing alone when discovering new theological truths. he speaks of his tragic romance with the music industry, likening it unto a woman who cannot be won over.
Similar to most of the other works by XERO, he never gives mention of wavering in faith, but takes on the fullness of life (and the troubles that life has to offer) as one who believes and yet still fails and falls. 
This is an album for anyone seeking philosophical asylum from the traditional views that today's culture has to offer, and encourages and inner strength that can only be experienced by the true believer."


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