Wednesday, June 24, 2015

HAHA! This just goes to show how effective it is to try to legislate morality from Capital Hill. So, I guess my family will stop giving me flack about homeschooling my kids due to conscientious objection. Why did I Laugh? Because it's no longer an option to be a lazy Christian Parent in USA. Seriously though, DON'T Complain if you're NOT ACTUALLY GOING TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!

Look at what's being done here. Somebody in the highly obnoxious Satanic/Anti-Christian camp put up the money to have these coloring books made.  Then they have taken the time to get people to help get them distributed, and even contacted the local news.  meanwhile, a bunch of frumpy faced Christians are going to sit on their couches, and continue to do what they've always done, and get no real change in Florida. LAZY CHRISTIANS, you're being outmatched.

It's time to fight the war!  PRAY! Pull you're children OUT of these public Schools (or use online public schooling). TEACH YOUR CHILDREN DIRECTLY!! Don't just send them to Sunday School/Youth Group.  IT'S YOUR JOB to teach your kids. NOT the School, NOT the youth Pastor.  NOT the government.  YOURS!


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