Friday, May 15, 2015

This Blog is in response to the article linked here.
 You can read it first to get a better idea of what I'm saying.

My response:

the fact that gospel music is dying off because of repetition and redundant execution is probably a good sign that it's time for us to evolve as a church. I think that for the last 30 years or so we've become much too reliant on the music industry to supplement our theological intake, and admonishment. it's ridiculous how people tend to know more lyrics to their favorite gospel songs did they do bible scriptures, or even have the ability to paraphrase the main thoughts and concepts behind the bible scriptures.

And have you ever noticed a difference between hymns of old, and the lyrics of these newer songs? Somewhere within the last 30 or 40 years there was a dramatic change in the attitude of the church, and we replaced deep theological lyrics and concepts with repetitive verses that are easy to remember.
somewhere along the way, we will let the Christian music industry to take the place of the actual church when it comes to teaching the public.

the problem is that these are artists, not trained or committed theologians, pastors, or even teachers. These are people who are going to give us their prepackaged worldview, values, and priorities rather than that of Scripture, because their job is to entertain us and to keep our attention. And we often forget, that these people were handpicked to do that job a certain way, to someone's standard and agenda.

So what you see now is a lot of Christian artists dropping the label "Christian" from their music, because it has become too restrictive. I think that a lot of Christians are afraid that these artists don't want to be associated with the church anymore. But I think what's actually going on, is that more and more Christian artists (who don't fit into the Christian music industry mold) don't want to be associated with that INDUSTRY anymore.

These are not people who speak the lingo and the jargon of the old black church anymore. these are not people who go into dangerous neighborhoods and speak generic Christianese. these are people who work in factories, lumber yards, construction crews, jails, prisons , military bases, juvenile facilities, and other places where hardened men don't want to hear that kind of language. we are surrounded by angry people who swear and disrespect each other on a regular basis. People who have no idea what God's plans for our worldview consists of.

So when you go into these kinds of environments and try to play CCM radio stations, you get a bunch of feminized music gear toward single mothers, and then the station get changed immediately. Or you get the black gospel choir station, and everybody already knows how to talk and act like old black people in church. but we're still not getting the job done that way.

That's how we got the Christian rappers in the first place. Because those other methods weren't working.

but the problem is that somebody has created an industry, and wants to make money off of it, and pimp a certain kind of emotion off the backs of the artist to create that music. But it's just difficult to do that with solid Christian art. It's too difficult to control.

So as long as you have an industry telling people how they need to behave, how they need to dress, and what their music needs to sound like in order to get airplay, then you're going to get what you have now:

a bunch of stripped down, feminized imposters who know how to use the lingo and generate a certain kind of emotion.

But when you have genuine Christian artists who are serving their own communities at home, and are supported by their own local churches, then you have real and powerful music that reaches and speaks to the hearts of the people, because it comes from the hearts of the people. You have music that touches on the issues that are important to the church, and not someone's industry agenda.

If the gospel music industry feels threatened, then I say good. Let the whole thing collapse for all I care. Then we can see Christians putting their energy towards doing something constructive with their art rather than being frustrated because they don't fit a particular standard.


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