Saturday, March 21, 2015

Knowing When to Repent

Earlier this year I made some terrible, terrible mistakes. The main one being that I laid The Legend of XERO (TLoX) to rest and took on a new name. a name that I didn't really push because I wasn't very enthusiastic about it.
I spoke to a few of my friends about it last week and they all agree that I never should have fully retired my name.
The other mistake I made was trying to start a tumblr account. i hate tumblr. I can't use it. I never should have deleted my old blogger account.
So now I'm going back to what makes sense.
I'm bringing back the big red X, I'm reinstating my old website, and I'm starting over.
I don't know where this is going.
I don't know what the next step is.
I do know who I am. So, I'm just gonna do THAT. be myself.
Thanks for understanding,


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