Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Come out of the Closet??

An interesting perspective from Murs about Christian Rappers, denying the name of "Christian Rap".  Here's the video from Rapzilla:

My response so far:

What Murs doesn't see is that the "Christian Music Industry" is NOT the Church. I want to be a part of a REAL Church, and if that means leaving behind all the "Christian Cliches" in this rap game in order to reach people, then so be it. Christian music isn't corny because of the name. There's a lot of Fake on these stages in order to impress a certain crowd. That's how you make money, by selling an image. But you reach people and change lives a different way, and that doesn't always sell.

The problem is that too many artist forget how to be relatable to PEOPLE in their art form. They write bars that are meant to impress other Christian Rappers instead of the audience that they say their trying to reach. I have been guilty of this myself.

Lecrae is Hot, not only because the music is excellent, but because his music speaks to PEOPLE, not other rappers, not the STREETS, but PEOPLE. Because of this, the people he influences, are people of influence!

Yes, represent Christ, Pronounce the name of God, but speak to PEOPLE. Stop trying to be HIP HOP, or your favorite rapper. Stop regurgitating theology so you can impress your colleagues, and talk to people. it's that simple folks.


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