Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ministry of the Year

I'm a little bit annoyed by today's christian rap fans who constantly confuse Business with Ministry. The term "Ministry" is another word for "Service" provided for free. businesses CHARGE for their services. So why then, when your favorite rapper makes a living "charging" for his work, do you INSIST that it is a ministry? because you benefited from it in some spiritual sense? Great! kinda like how vitamins help your body, right? is that a ministry? NO! of coarse not.

Christian Music opens doors for ministry. It gives you a platform to minister to people, sometimes WHILE you do your work, but it isn't a ministry, it's a business. in the same way, Christian Music magazines and websites are not ministries. They are businesses. They are in the business of accepting money to make people famous, just like any other magazine. they might have a very Christian code of ethics, but that isn't the same thing as doing it for free.

So when I comment about music and musicians in a business format, get off my back. I don't feel bad for saying it when it's true. I don't judge artists by their Christianity. I judge them by their MUSIC. nobody hosts a "Christian of the Year" awards ceremony. It's about ART, not how good your ministry is.

So for the sake of my sanity people, try to keep that in mind when you're on the forums of your favorite Christian rap magazine/website. ok?


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