Monday, January 20, 2014

About a Woman

Today is the day that we celebrate and appreciate a woman who means more to me than anyone else on earth. For those of you who don't know very much about her, let me give you some of the highlights:

She's a woman who is completely devoid of masculinity.

She's the woman who is supportive of me even when I'm at my worst.

She never considers it a woman's prerogative to be rude or unreasonable justbecause. But on the contrary, she always thinks of others, and does so with a smile and a shoulder to lean on.

She accepts the bad with the good, and is graceful in all things.

She's a wonderful mother. The behavior of our child is proof of that. (if you're a close friend of ours, please feel free to come pick them up for a few hours if you don't believe me.)

She always takes the time to listen to the problems of others, and gives sage advice, even in her youth.

She is a woman who has suffered many hardships and poverty. She has endured much abuse and neglect. Still she welcomes strangers with open arms, and nourishes those that she calls friends with a love that many mothers cannot even provide these days.

She is a fierce debater, and has the potential to put me in my place what I'm doing wrong.

Yet she never abuses her strength, and respects me as a husband.

If there was ever another woman like her in the past, then she is the last of a dying breed.

I'm talking about my wife, destiny slaughter. Those of you who are blessed enough to know her can surely vouch for the things that I brag about.

Happy birthday Dezy. I love you.


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