Tuesday, January 7, 2014

OK folks. we’re stuck indoors with nothing but our consciences and an open platform for our every thought. But, before you POST, please THINK!
You’re hurting:  But do you REALLY want to put your emotions or those who cause your emotions ON BLAST? would you say that about your Ex, your Lover or your Spouse TO HIS/HER FACE IN FRONT OF A GROUP OF FRIENDS?
For most of us, the answer is NO. you wouldn’t want to embarrass someone like that in public cause it would make you look like a huge JERK. So why say it on Facebook. if you really care that little about your relationships, then WHY HAVE THEM? unfortunately this is the case for DOZENS of people i know on line. i see it all day long.
Don’t use social media to get back at those who hurt you when you know you still care about them. TALK to them. tell them how you feel FORGIVE THEM. Maybe it’s YOU who need to apologize. whatever the issue is DON’T ADVERTISE YOUR PROBLEMS. you wouldn’t take out a ad on Facebook telling everyone how your Husband/Wife’s shortcomings would you? Absolutely not. then don’t post those little pictures that SEEM like they fit the bill, but only advertise your problems.
Have courage to trust, and realize that: 
Sometimes we have too high of expectations. 
Sometimes we just don’t/won’t understand.
Sometimes we get scared.
Sometimes we are right, but we can be wrong too.
Sometimes we need to overlook the little stuff.
but for a lot of my unmarried friends (and whoever else might be reading this):
If it’s toxic 
you’re constantly fighting 
you’re constantly feeling rejected, ignored, abused
you ARE being ABUSED
you feel violated all the time
GET OUT!! You’re not gonna fix this with FB posts and tweets. GET OUT of that horrible relationship. Take some time to refocus, to heal, and listen to your friends if they are all singing the same song about you. there may be some common ground as to why it always happens to YOU.
Anyway, that’s my nugget of wisdom for today.


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