Wednesday, January 22, 2014

If the doctrine of eternal torment is true:

1] when does God get his satisfaction of being the God over all if he desires that none should perish, but then loses so many people to the flames of Hell?

2] when is Final Justice executed? If souls live forever and ever in Hellfire, when is Judgement completed?

3] what does it say about the Character of God?

4] how does God view his enemies?

5] are people secretly following God out of Fear of Hell rather than Love?

If the doctrine of eternal torment is false:

6] what do we rob the church of if we stop preaching Hell? (besides the ability to terrify people)

7] what makes the promise of Eternal Life in Christ so attractive?

8] would you still follow Christ and live in his ways?

9] how do you preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

10] what else is so offensive about Christianity that some people run the other way.


If you choose to answer in the comments:

please answer 3 or more questions.

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