Wednesday, September 25, 2013

i have a very heavy heart for the lost today.  however, as I search my mind for events over the years, i can think of only a few encounters as an evangelist that has had a chance to bear any real fruit.  it seems that in reality, all i've done in my younger years is show how much Christianese, i know and offend people with my obsession with theology.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that I've taken time out of my life to invest in others' lives, with the Gospel.  But there were probably MORE times in my youth, where i was simply BARKING at people i didn't know with threats of Hell, and with truths that make little to no sense to them.

It's like I told my Ex-Wife concerning her first book, "If you want to convey a message to people, you should at least try to do it on a level that they can understand.  Talk in their language if you can."

I know that you can't please everyone, but there are simple phrases, "Jesus is Lord", and "Repent! For the kingdom of God is at hand!", that make very little to no sense to Americans (yes, even the christian ones)!  instead of trying to validate your own faith (ego), why not try to explain to someone why "Jesus is my EVERYTHING, even when i don't agree with or understand his ways, I still trust and love him".

Now there's an idea that's sure to raise some eyebrows.  "you mean to tell me that you don't always agree with God?"

"Of coarse not!  that's why I'm in constant need of his grace and Mercy.  Boy am I glad He's the more patient one in this relationship, because he totally worth the time it takes for me to learn his lessons."

Sometimes a person might say to me, "I'm glad the Christianity works for you, but it's not my thing."

and I might reply, "You think it works for me all the time?  there's a lot of things I would change if I could, but i don't get to innovate with God's word, man.  I'm not in this cause it works for me.  I'm in it cause i now it's better for me than the way things were when I was on my own!  I'm a hot mess without God.  if you think you got it all worked out without God, more power to you, but maybe you just don't Love Him because you don't trust Him. It's worth the thought at least."

Christians:  When was the last time you had a conversation with an atheist that didn't turn into a power struggle over philosophy and religion?  sometime, folks just want someone to talk to.

Atheists:  When was the last time you listened to someone talk about his prayers or concerns about his life?  Some folks are more vulnerable than you think.


I don't need the validation of walking someone through the "sinner's Prayer" or something like that, to preach Christ.  The opportunities are all around us everyday if we'd just pull our heads out of our butts and see that people around us are JUST LIKE US.  We're all messed up, and lost, and NONE of us speaks in 150 year old Olde English anymore. 

It's time to drop the act and get real with folks.  they might not think we're so sleezy if we actually took time to know them, instead of threatening them with Hell.  They might hate us more for being deeper into God than they thought, and that's ok too.  At least people will know we're real.


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