Friday, December 14, 2012


May god have mercy on the weak and the innocent.

The horrible things that happen should drive us toward the real solutions of these things. it's not in fighting for political status, or new laws.  It's fighting the temptations around us that push us further from God. it's not in changing the rules, but in changing our minds toward REAL truth.  its not in damning others, but forbidding ourselves to give in to this horrid culture that breeds disaster.

 The kingdom of Heaven is not one of this world, but it is indeed meant to invade this world.  the momentum we see in senseless crimes today is a mere reflection to our conformity to the kingdom of darkness.  we've allowed the rulers of this world to redefine the norms, and some of us are just following along like lemmings off of a cliff.

so why then, when we have the real light of this world, do we mask it with a shade of grey that is so damaging to ourselves and each other?  why do we shake our heads when we see disasters, but keep silent when injustice is an everyday thing in our lives?  What are you really after?

Answer these questions, and the journey will lead you out of the realm of the spectator, and into the realm of the involved.


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