Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Worthy and Worth it

Stop worrying about whether or not You're worth anything.  The way people perceive us has nothing to do with our actual worth, and our self perception has even less power to seal our fates.  We're not the ones who measure our worth because we do not own ourselves, nor did we create ourselves. So, we cannot put a price on our selves.

We try to measure ourselves by our successes, our possessions, our talent, our intelligence, and physical attributes, but none of those things actually define us.  Those things may be fulfilling in some measure and maybe even worthy of praise, but all of those things can be taken away in a single car crash.  All of those things can be lost.  So how can they measure our worth?  Our real worth comes form our true identity, our real selves.  It's the person you will be whether you are a soldier, fighting on the battle field, or an ex-soldier in a wheelchair.  It's the person you'll be whether you are a super model or a burn victim.  Whether you are a genius, or autistic, or both, you are who you'll always be, and that is what makes you worth anything.

Theologically speaking, the fact that 1 person is worth God's son is saying a lot.  You are worth 1 Jesus, am so am I.  That is how we are measured, and there only seems to be one unit on the measuring rod.  No person is worth any less or any more.  Now while it may be true that some types of people are preferred over others by one faction or another, there's always another faction.  There's always another fish in the pond.  Maybe things aren't exactly what you intended, and maybe the people you know don't completely understand you, or even like you, but with an estimated 6,973,738,433 people in the world, there's always someone out there who is willing to put up with your crap, and who is willing to pay for a piece of your magic (take that however you want to).  So don't waste your time trying to be like someone else.  It'll never happen.  You are who you are and you're stuck that way.  So try to make the best of it.

Stop worrying about whether you are worthy of your blessings and lot in life.  The answer is and will always be no.  We have worked jobs that paid us more than the other guy next to us.  Some of us have better educations, some have better physical build.  Some of us have more money than others and better opportunities in life.  That's just the way it is.  Where we start to mess up is when we actually turn down real opportunities that we are given to us, through providence or what have you, and we turn them down because we believe that we are unworthy.  we allow ourselves to remain guilt ridden with dirty deeds in the past and we smear our good image with our deficiencies, thus robbing ourselves of real opportunities, gifts, blessings, good moods, attention, and every other good thing in life.

When we allow ourselves to miss out because we think that we're unworthy, we do ourselves a double injustice by cutting off the treat and everything attached to it, as well as forcing ourselves to remain in our hindering situations.

Here are some examples:
  • Lily needs a car for work, but can't afford one.  When she is offered a job she turns it down because of a friend of hers who really wanted that same job and has been working really hard at getting that job.  Lily feels that her friend deserves the job more than she does, and that  she is much less qualified for the position anyway.  
  •  Joe has recently gotten the attention of a girl in his class.  She's been trying to talk to Joe, and she can't figure out why he won't talk to her.  Joe has had a crush on this girl for a long time, but whenever the opportunity arises to talk to her, he shys away because he feels that she is too good for him.
  • Shirley feels lonely and unloved, but rarely tries to make friends.  She's had a very colorful past and fears that if anyone ever found her out, they'd just reject her anyway.
I'm sure you get the idea.  We've all been there before, but the trick is getting out of that state of mind before you screw up your next big chance.  If you let guilt, or lies, or a poor spirit keep you down, then you'll never really know what life has to offer.  We look at celebrities on TV and in Magazines and we wonder, "Why can't I have what he has?"  Well the answer may very well be: Because you won't let yourself have it.  It's really a choice that you have to make, and it's much easier made when you know this one little thing:  None of us are worthy.

None of us are worthy of the breath we breathe, the land we inhabit, or the lives we live.  Many of us who are living fabulously wealthy lives are simply taking advantage of the lot they were given.  They were born in a particular country and you weren't.  They were born into wealth, given fabulously good looks, or genius beyond reason.  They were given a different life, but many of them chose to go with the opportunities they already had.  There are even people who work their whole lives to get where they are today.  For some people that might be working a 60 hour week in factory simply to survive while for others, it may be CEO of a Fortune 500 company.

All of us are born into sin.  All of us are squalling, bloody, babies when we start out in life.  We need to be fed, cleaned, and cared for.  We eventually begin to make choices.  We choose to walk.  We choose to learn to talk.  Then we move on to bigger things like making friends, getting married or taking on a career.  Some of us never get to make those decisions for ourselves, and become slaves.  But, some of us never choose the freedoms we are given.  We simply to hope and wish for more, but that's all.  If we never take risks, then we never really lose.  You can't lose what you never had, or can you?

Don't let your feelings of self worth keep you from living your life and enjoying your freedoms in this life.  Life is short.  Now go live it out.


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