Friday, June 18, 2010

5 R's

Redemption, Relief, Religion, and Rewards are the 4 most common things I see people coming to God for these days.

 There are still a collection of people around who haven't completely rejected him and the things he asks of us.  As I grow in knowledge I start to see just how evil the world really is.  Not one of us is in it for the right reasons and when we see someone on the right path, we do our best to deter them.

I won't pretend that we don't have our fleeting moments when everything makes sense.  We finally understand our purpose.  Those tend to be our loneliest days.  The days that we turn from the path of the masses and demand that our thoughts remain pure are the days we die the most and are most alive.

 I wonder if the fifth "R" is completely unattainable or if it's simply our need to fit in that makes us pretend to be blind to the sin around us.

 It is what is required of us the most.....



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