Monday, March 8, 2010


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(Verse 1) Capo 4 – Intro (x4) Am F G E7 
                Am                   F                    G
Lift your hands, lift your heads, lift your eyes
                 E7                     Am
Lift your hearts up to the sky

      F                G
Elohim, El Shaddai
                       E7             Am
The great and mighty Adonai
               F                         G
You can dance, Clap your hands
              E7                          Am
Just as long as you take the chance
               F                          G
to send a praise before our God
as we sing to Heaven

Am     F
Glory, Glory
         G                     E7
to the God above the Heavens
Am     F
Glory, Glory
          G               E7
to the Father of Creation
         D7                       E7
let us maginify His Name
            Am                  F
to the nations we proclaim
                    E7          (stop)
that you are Holy, Holy


Am       F
oh oh, oh oh, oh oh oh,
G           E7
oh oh, oh oh, oh oh oh (x2)

          Am                    F               G
If by chance we should fail at our task
              E7                      Am
to send a praise unto our King
           F             G                      E7
let us pass on the reigns to the Earth
                       D7            E7
and let nature sing to the King
           Am                  F
every stone and every tree
                  D7               E7
we'll se the glory he recieves

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Kavod, Kadosh
Baruch atah, eloheynu

Lyrics and Arrangement by Jashae Slaughter


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