Monday, March 8, 2010

Better Off

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Capo 3 (Verse 1) 

C                                               G/B
I fold back all the corners in my life
                                                        Am                   F
I look back and I wonder what’s been happening to me
                  C                           G
Is there any more than I can see
C                                                G/B
I lose track on the focus of my life
                                                                 Am            F
A new attack from the world and all these pressures on me
                                C                     G
For something that is well beyond my means

Am                                     F                                         C
All I need is half a breath, a whisper Lord, I really need to know
I’m not alone
Am                                    F                                         G
All this stress and all the situations are the perfect way to prove

You on the throne


I’ve seen a glimpse of the Glory
I’ve known a piece of the story
Dm              Am
You give me peace of mind
       F                 G
I’m better off believing
I’ve known conviction for your sake
Made my decision for YHWH
Dm                     Am
You’ve kept me all this time
      F                   G
I’m better off believing

(Verse 2)

You see
This fear inside of me
Is bearing all its teeth to devour me
As I walk into the valley
But today
I know that you light my way
But these are the darkest days I’ve ever seen
They’re taking even more of what I need


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