Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Worship Music

My name is XERO and I am a Pop singer, formerly a night club DJ. I got out of the biz due to the same messages I picked up in the music. Having seen these things first hand, I've noticed many more things like it, but I am particularly troubled by the attacks on the Church. There's a lot of "Praise and worship" Music that neither Praises nor worship's God. We can either categorize these songs under the "Christian" brand, or we can put it in the "Positive" brand.

Understand that music in the "Positive" brand may be played on Christian stations, but it is not Christian music. It's just Positive, secular music, and while there's not a lot I'll say about it, I can say this:

You worship leaders who allow your bands to play "I can see clearly now" in church services should be ashamed. No...you should REPENT! We gotta stop with the merges. I write Secular songs (Believe Virgo, Black Valentine), but I DON"T perform them in Church, nor do I cross the moral boundries in my music. (At least not since 2008)

So why do we fell like have to "gain" something from Praise and Worship music? Well that's the question I plan to unveil this week. Be on the lookout for new youtube posts about this subject on my Youtube Channel (http://www.youtube.com/xeroforhire)


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