Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Entertainment Dilemma

What could you do with 2 hours? A few years ago, I could watch TV for 2, 4, even 8 hours a
day. When I wasn't doing that, I was a DJ in a Nightclub. My whole life was based on and
around entertainment.
Back in 2008 I took an extended absence from secular music altogether. In 2005 it was from television. In both cases my eyes were opened to the bonds that these forms of media had on me. I can still feel the invisible tentacles of the TV curl around me when I visit relatives who have cable.
As I distanced myself from the radio last year, I felt my perspective shift, self confidence rise and my over-all perception of the world transform into what I base a lot of my current theory on today. i can say that today I am stronger, smarter, and a lot more fun to be around now that mainstream media has lost it's grip on me.
This may sound quite Amish to you, but the time you spend indulging in those this is time you could be using to grow.
The world has a design, and that design is NOT meant to help you. It is based on the concepts, plans and ideas of the "Prince of the Powers of the Air". His agendas don't always involve your direct worship towards him. In fact, it is more commonly deferred towards the worship of things closest to you heart, yet farthest away from you. The life of the main characters you follow scream to be re-lived in your actions through out the day.

"If only you were bold like the Hero."
"If you were rich, you could have a girl like that."
"Follow your heart at ALL COSTS."

The core messages is always to consume beyond regret and if it doesn't work out, it's somehow your fault. But you can get past the lies. You have to recognize that the "cut-off" switch is not in you mind, but on the device itself. Satan doesn't care if you worship him or not. He only cares about keeping you separated from God and he'll throw everything he has at you in order to do it. He'll get you to pursue Wealth, Love, Lust, Thrills and even your own friends so long as you don't pursue God.

How lost a culture we are to fail to realize that we worship ourselves through entertainment. So again I ask you, what could you do with 2 hours?


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