Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Worst Job EVER!!!

Whenever I listen to "Better Off" or "Not Alone" I usually think about the really, REALLY Hard times that those songs emerged from. Last week was one of those weeks for me.

(Flashback one week)
I woke up thinking about how tired I was after staying up too late. I needed to go to work. Andy was going to be picking me up soon, and we were starting on a series of roofing jobs. I was glad cause I really needed the money for bills. On the way there he warned me about one of the guys I would be working with that day. He was an ill tempered man with a short fuse and a big mouth. He used to be an alcoholic, but now he worked for his fix. Andy was hoping that he would be witnessed to while working with me, or maybe he just really needed the help. Whatever the reason was, I really didn't care.

"Why do we have to work with crazy people?", I responded in a very stern, inquisitive sort of way. "This guy sounds like a lot of trouble."

Needless to say, He was a lot of trouble. I spent that day sanding black mold off of the trusses of the house. It was about 100 degrees (give or take) and even hotter inside the roof. Yeah I said INSIDE the roof!

The "Crazy guy" and his co-worker, an equally grumpy, older fellow, decided that we didn't really need to worry about getting the job done right. Their focus was more on getting the job done. even if it meant making the mold impossible to get to without tredging through insulation and getting fiberglass in my skin.

As Jason and I labored to get the trusses sanded as quickly as possible, they proceeded to board us up inside the new roof, as well as begin shingling so that it would be impossible to remove those boards with all the new nails and other materials invested in the project.

New shingles
New boards
tons of nails pointing down at us
110 degree heat
black mold
and the fact that if we made the wrong move, we would fall through the dry-wall ceiling, into the house.

These guys had officially made me want to quit. Not to mention being called every insult known to man. I really wanted to quit.

The only reason I didn't was because I knew Andy was stuck in this job and these guys were expendable. I had already decided to tell Andy that this guy needed to be fired, and I still needed to pay my energy bill.

I found my strength in the Lord that day. He was the only thing on my mind during some parts of what seemed to be an endless job. I know he keeps me in peace when I'm willing to ask for his provision.

"Better Off" and "Not Alone" are the product of days like that. It took everything I had to get it done, but when I called on him, it suddenly became a lot easier. I feel sorry for those other guys who don't have that sort of strength to draw from. They were soo angry even though they were the ones causing the problems. Problems they didn't even have to address. But I call on Jesus, and He helped me keep my cool.

I truly am Better Off believing.


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