Saturday, May 23, 2009

Soldiers and Warriors

In my opinion there are 2 types of fighters; warriors and soldiers. You might say, "Hey, That's not fair! what about scrappers and street fighters?"

I would respond to you that any animal can fight. But when men do it, it's usually on of the two on the field. In fact, men who act like animals often get slaughtered like animals. That's one of the reasons I work so hard to keep my inner-beast at bay. But back to what I was saying.

Soldiers make good teams and can get a lot done if they use tactual approaches to everything and STAY IN LINE. This is the strongest trait of the soldier. his loyalty and obedience make him the strongest force to side with. This strength is also his biggest weakness...he's predictable.

You know what a soldier is going to do almost every time. He's going to do his job. Thing is, if you're not stronger than the combined force of soldiers then you're never gonna take them all. You gotta be smart, stealthy, and in some cases deadly. This is the warrior.

Warriors tend to be loners and often work better alone. If you can get a bunch of 'em to work together though, then you've got a force of nature that won't be easily deterred. The reason is because warriors are STRONG-MINDED. They can complete the jobs that soldiers can't because warriors are NEVER off-duty. They are sharp, skilled, and they make their own decisions. Warriors usually have a LOT of experience as well. Not in the sense of "Been through a lot", but rather "been through a lot and LEARNED from it".

I think that's the biggest misconception about warriors. People think having a lot of experiences is the same as experience. Not at all. Warriors learn. they learn how to survive and they learn how to help others to survive.

They avoid traps. They have foresight for bad situations. They are intuitive and receptive to the world around them. They are good judges of character. They don't bend or break easily. For all these reasons, every warrior thinks he/she is right in every situation, and that's why they don't get along very often. Warriors are loners by nature.

I believe this is due to failure and loss on another team member's part. There's always that "ONE GUY" who blows it for everybody else, doesn't see it, won't apologize for it, and then end's up making it worse. That guy is the reason warriors don't like to work in teams. Humorously, that guy is always the one with all the ideas/picks the most fights/loudest mouth.

There is one more weakness to being the warrior: Character.

Being a warrior doesn't make you a great guy, it makes you dangerous. A dangerous man with poor character is bound to be his own worse enemy. He will find himself falling into the same pitfalls over and over again. He will hurt people....a lot. Sometimes the villain isn't the evil guy. Sometimes he's the "ANTI-HERO". He's the guy who thinks he's doing good. Poor character creates poor characters.

The Legend continues....


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